Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, four days ago I was watching my girls dig in the sand at the park and three days ago I felt like I was trapped in a snow globe so… it must be spring in Nebraska! The calendar says so at least, so when I saw my tulips coming up I thought I could (probably) pack away my YakTrax. These little grippers saved my hiney this year time and time again.

It was an icier winter than most, which petrified me. I, like most MS patients, fall A LOT. I stumble often and am very aware that my kryptonite is found under my feet. Having to walk across things like uneven ground or thicker than average carpet are found on my list of scary situations, but ice and snow definitely top that list. So after spending most of December repeatedly slipping, falling… and complaining, my dear mother in law took pity on me and bought me these funny looking little shoe thingys for Christmas. Of all the gifts she’s given me (which are a lot, she’s very generous,) these are the best. Thanks to her I spent January free of falls (on the ice at least) and was finally able to walk to the mailbox without fear.

YakTrax are essentially tire chains for your shoes. The down side to these little gems is that they aren’t very cute (but neither is falling.) The up side is they are crazy practical, light weight and easy to use. They slip on and off any shoe and provide extra stability and confidence on ice and snow. These can be purchased at any sporting goods store for about $20.00 or here. No, I’m not a salesperson for these little grippers, I just know I will never spend another icy winter without ‘em. I mean I am a Nebraskan so I’m not planning on packing them too far back in my closet.

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