Friday, August 28, 2009

Exercise as a coping tool

So I don't think I need a shrink, I don't like to talk about my feelings. I'm a keep it to myself kind of person but I sure have found that stress + MS is down right crippling. So on those 'heavy' days I turn even more to exercise. I've learned that I need to let out my frustrations and if I don't MS rears it's sneaky little head in odd, annoying ways.

Let me explain the week I've had. My husband changed jobs this summer which resulted in a change in insurance. So, I was prepared for a headache or two when it came time to refill my three prescriptions (Rebif, Provigil and Baclofen.) But dealing with the mail order process turned out to be nothing short of FOUR wasted days of hellish frustration. I was left in the hands of less than helpful call center employees pleading with them to get my delivery to me on time. Since few people truly understand MS I quickly gave up on throwing the disease label at them while I explained that missing doses is just not an option. I hate how dependent I am on my prescriptions but I'm thankful for the relief they provide me. Unfortunately, with the added stress of days full of hang ups and transfers, even my medicine wasn't enough for me to release the pain in my legs, the 'MS hugs', or the tremor on my right side.

Being physical is a great way of letting out aggression, most people agree to that, but with this disease I've found it's absolutely critical to let out tension. I could actually feel my legs getting tight as I yelled at the phone last week so I tried to schedule in an extra stretch or found myself working a little harder on the Gazelle at those times. All week I found myself anticipating my daily afternoon workouts even more than normal. I was careful not to let my rage guide my exercise though, because that would just leave me in worse shape (and the mail order pharmacy folks would win.) Truly, I did find that day after day, t
he extra bit of effort made me feel better both mentally and physically almost instantly....and at the end of the week I received my medicine.
I'm napping all weekend.

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  1. Hey Meg,
    I'm glad you finally got your medicine. Are you feeling better today? You're such a rock star. I'm glad you have this blog--it gives me more insight into what you're dealing with. Love you.